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Client Story

Here’s Gareth and Jimmy’s story about how coaching with Rich Wainwright has led to revenue increasing by 423%, gross profit by 344% and net profit by 230% whilst their hours worked have reduced by 65%.


Why You need a Coach


My profits increased 282%, thanks to Rich. It is interesting to find out that we have so much room for improvement in an already successful business.


Revenue has doubled within the first 6 months of coaching.


His out-of-the-box and down-down-to-earth advice and suggestions have made me confident enough to actually start my own company and change the way I look at my business.


What Rich does so brilliantly is get to the heart of where you’re not taking actions, and has you do exactly that.


Rich is able to connect with people of all intellects and types and explain quite complex ideas and terms in a succinct way that still oozes energy, something I have not found in many other people I have worked with.


Fundamentally changed the way I operate the business.

Who is

I’m now in my 10th year of coaching Business Owners, Executives and Teams to make their businesses much more profitable, much easier to run and ultimately much more valuable for if or when it is to be sold.   

What would it mean to you to 

• have much more money;

• have much more time and;

• be financially free? 

It would be great to arrange a phone call to discuss how coaching works, the results that my clients are enjoying and how this could work for you. Please click here to book a time for a call that’s convenient for you.

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