Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder

For Business Owners.

How to put together an easy to use, easy to implement plan to build a business that will provide you with the time and money you need to deliver on your personal dreams – both on an ongoing dividend payment basis and, ultimately, on the value of your business when it is ready for sale.

Dream Building, Visualizing your future, Planning, Goal Setting, Task Setting, Time/Self Management, Forecasting, Performance Indicators, Performance Reviewing.

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For Business Owners and/or their Team Members.

How to put together an easy to use, easy to implement Marketing and Sales plan to generate higher value leads and convert more of them into customers/clients who spend more and more often and stay with you for longer.

Planning, Forecasting, Measuring & Testing, Targeting, Performance Indicators, Performance Reviewing. Leads, Acquisition Cost, Life Time Value, Sales Process, Qualification, Closing, Conversion Rate, Average Value Sale, Number of Transactions, Retention.

For Business Owners and/or their Team Members.

“We can’t manage time; we can only manage what we choose to do with our time”.

How to plan your days, weeks, months, quarters and beyond so you and your team can achieve much more in much less time; making your business a lot easier to run whilst a more profitable.

Planning, Goal Setting, Prioritization, Reactive vs Proactive, Important vs Urgent, Delegation vs Abdication, Flow, Habits, Willpower, Procrastination, Measuring & Testing, Performance Review.

For Business Owners and/or their Managers and Leaders.

“You don’t build your business, your people do”.

How to plan the growth of the people within your business. How to recruit the very best people into your team and enroll and inspire them all. How to develop your management and your leadership skills so your team chooses to do the right things at the right time, making your business much easier to run and much more profitable.

Vision/Mission/Culture, Recruitment, Induction, Behavior, Beliefs/Values/Identity, Environment. Common Goals, Measure & Test, Performance Review, Appraisal, Training & Development, Effective Meetings, Communication, Congratulation.

SELLABILITY – Building your Business’s Value AND its ‘Sellability’
For Business Owners and their Senior Managers.

“Want to make your business 71% more valuable?”

Whether you are weeks, months or years away from selling your business – or even not thinking of selling at all – find out how valuable and sellable your business is now, and importantly, how you can quickly increase both.

Value, Sellability, Scalability, Financial Performance, Reporting, Predictability, Growth Potential, Key Employees/Customers/Suppliers, Cash Flow, Recurring Revenue, Market Share, USP/Differentiation, Customer Satisfaction, Business Works without You, Financial vs Strategic Buyer.